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Smooth and safe people flow

Standard entrance

Automatic sliding doors are excellent for highly-used entrances, ensuring safe and smooth people flow. Their elegant appearance perfectly adapts to the building’s architecture.
Access control at the entrance could be a key feature to organize who can enter to avoid any unwanted consequences.
More than 3000 people enter healthcare facilities every day.

Automatic sliding door allows quick and safe access, especially in emergency situations.

Energy-efficient entrance

Energy-efficient entrance controls airflow and prevents energy loss. Two automatic sliding doors in the form of a glazed vestibule ensure that one door always remains closed, preventing draughts, heat loss and air intrusion from the outside.

Doorson automatic sliding door also saves energy with an innovative energy-save function.
Safe way home
Safe way home

Automatic sliding door ensures the comfort and safety of people moving in, out, and through a building. By hands- free opening it creates an efficient and carefree passage for visitors, patients and staff.

Choose the right door for your entrance