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Airport automatic sliding entrance solutions

Efficient passenger flow


Fast mobility


Airports operate 24/7, 365 days a year. It is therefore essential that traffic constantly runs smoothly, without any congestion. Passengers who are carrying big, heavy luggage need a functional contact-free door opening that allows a large number of people to enter and exit. Automatic doors make that a reality.


Limited access – authorized personnel only


With many people coming and going, airport security is extremely important. Automatic sliding doors are a great solution for any airport, as they keep unauthorized individuals out of restricted areas and provide a high level of security while being efficient, fast and easy to use.

Custom-made design solutions


Architecture today knows almost no limits. In order to stand out, designers must create mesmerizing architectural masterpieces, without neglecting the safety and functionality of the building. Custom-made automatic sliding doors can adapt to any design, as using different materials and colors creates unique and special projects.

Browse through our wide product range and choose the perfect door for you.


Reducing electricity costs


Large open spaces are a must in airports. The heating and air conditioning of such big areas can cost a fortune. Automatic sliding doors provide a simple and effective solution, as they only open when they need to. This way unnecessary heat loss is prevented, with no effect on the fast pedestrian flow.

Energy save function


Doorson automatic sliding doors with their advanced functionality also provide an additional unique “energy save” feature, which means that in the door operating mode “open” or “closed” they consume less than 0.5Wh of electric power and thus represent a unique innovation.

A safe evacuation route in case of an emergency

To ensure safety, airports need an extremely functional emergency exit system that can withstand a large flow of people. In case of an emergency, redundant automatic sliding doors automatically open and stay that way, thus ensuring a safe escape route suitable for a large number of people.

The entire product line 300 is available in the redundant version.

On the safe side of fire


Fire protection is extremely important in airports, as a large number of people is present, thus making evacuation even more complicated. Fire automatic sliding doors combine the functions of a standard sliding opening/closing with fire protection and provide a safe escape route in case of an emergency. Fire resistance EI30 and EI60 are used to separate fire sectors and prevent the spread of fire. Read more about automatic fire doors and their special functions.