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300 thales
Virtually invisible

300 thales

frameless sliding door
The transparency and simplicity of thales sliding door impress at first glance. The door creates a feeling of open space, providing a discreet view at the same time.
Technical data
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SPECIFICATION 300 thales ang

100 mm


1 leaf: clear opening width 800 – 2000 mm
clear opening height 1900 – 3000 mm
2 leaves: clear opening width 800 – 3000 mm
clear opening height 1900 – 3000 mm

Transparent elegance

Since the door does not have vertical profiles, they are perfect for any interior. Whether it is an office, a hotel lobby, a restaurant or your living room, thales will always find its place.

Customize your door

300 thales is available in printed or matt glass, depending on your wishes and projects. To make an even better first impression, you can decorate your door with different decorative labels.

Explore specifics

Door installation

Our door fitting systems offer you flexible planning and a lot of creative freedom in your projects.


Drive is assembled with door leaves made of wide range of profile systems.
Frameless leaf
Frameless leaf

A door leaf without (an aluminium) frame defines minimalism and seamless integration to your interior, supplied with stainless steel glass holder. Perfect for offices, hotels, restaurants, or living spaces.


tempered glass 10 mm

Door opening

Touchless, hygienic & safe access
Door opening

The security sensor ensures a hygienic and touchless door opening with the possibility of adjusting the detection zone. By motion and presence detection, it improves the everyday experience of using automatic sliding door.

Detection zone
Detection zone

Pedestrian safety


Mounting heights of up to 3 m. Detects people and objects in a range up to 2,5 m. Safety curtain protects pedestrians in and around the door close zone.

Sensor installation

Sensor is the key element to moving the door. The detection area activates the door to open, while the safety area provides pedestrian safety when the door is closing.


Suitable for different types of applications.

door opening
to operate

Door switches

For the best user experience

Automatic sliding doors can be combined with different sets of operational switches. Our switches are multifunctional and provide many user-made combinations.


Smartphone control

My Door Application

Control and maintain your automatic sliding door remotely with more functionalities for your business or home. You can easily access your door system anywhere and anytime.


Save energy

Innovative energy solutions

Our philosophy is to produce highly energy-efficient doors. We are fully aware that today’s comfort leads to energy consumption. We are focused on active and passive energy-saving solutions.

70 %

saving energy and reducing CO₂

< 0.5 W

energy consumption

Escape routes
Safe evacuation for everybody

For the installation on evacuation routes, you should choose a redundant system. Ensuring a safe evacuation in emergency situations is extremely important, especially when it comes to public buildings, where a large number of people are present.