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400 thales

By Kristijan Bunevski

400 thales frameless glass door leaf offers a smart design and high-tech functionalities that can integrate into any interior and is practically invisible. It is perfect for glass wall partition spaces, where architecture transparency creates the illusion of a bright and open space, even when the door is closed.

400 fusion

By Kristijan Bunevski

Fusion is your first choice when you want to express an elegant, modern look. The combination of an aluminium frame with double glass, décor details and a wide range of premium materials give the door an individual character like no other. It is perfect for premium spaces where you want to combine luxury access with a stylish design.

400 timber

By Kristijan Bunevski

The aluminum-framed wooden interior automatic sliding door, composed of a panel leaf, décor details and a wide range of premium materials creates a natural, authentic view. It gives your office, hotel room, lobby, or your home a unique appearance.