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New Healthcare brochure

Stay safe and accessible with our automatic sliding door solutions for healthcare facilities. Our brochure highlights the many benefits of upgrading your entrances, including increased efficiency, improved patient flow, and enhanced safety and accessibility. Learn all about automatic sliding door solutions for a human-friendly hospital environment.

In the healthcare environment, everything matters.

Automatic sliding doors provide efficient and hygienic touchless access to any room, easy maintenancesmart designsustainability and financial efficiency with an energy-save function.

In the NEW HEALTHCARE BROCHURE you’ll find solutions for:

_ entrances, patient care and public areas,
_ escape routes,
_ fire protection with escape and rescue solutions,
_ touchless opening and access control,
_ energy efficiency,
_ service & maintenance,
_ references and so much more.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, download our brochure now and see the difference that automatic sliding doors can make!