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Winners of German Innovation Award 2021

We have received the certificate of the constancy of performance, which is a confirmation of many years of development, designing and fire testing of our new fire automatic sliding doors.

Fire door 500 product line combines innovative functions of automatic sliding opening and uncompromising fire protection. Fire resistance EI30 or EI60 is used to separate fire sectors and prevent the spread of fire on ESCAPE and NON-ESCAPE routes. In normal circumstances, door functions as a standard automatic sliding door. In the event of a fire, it provides simple evacuation and safe rescue for everyone.

Product design: Raketa d.o.o., Rok Kuhar

Doorson is very proud to announce that our NEW fire family of automatic sliding doors 500 product line was recognized as German Innovation Award Winner 2021.

Strong motivation and innovative mindset


We celebrate this innovation award and accept it with honor as we are truly grateful and proud to contribute to fire protection. Special thanks to our business partnersvalued customers and the dearest team of co-workers who have been strong support and part of Doorson’s success over the past 30 years.


This accomplishment is a result of commitment, passion, and years of research and development. It is a great inspiration for our innovative approach and motivates us to constantly improve and develop new solutions in the field of automatic sliding doors.