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German Design and Big See Award for 400 product line

Exciting news reached the doorsteps of our company in the past weeks – and the news made us feel extremely proud and deeply honored at the same time.

We are delighted to announce that Doorson company was pronounced the Product Design winner of the German Design and Big See Award.

Both prestige awards were won by our interior automatic sliding doors product line 400!



Hard work, clear vision, strong commitment, valued clients, long-lasting partnerships, and precious team of co-workers profoundly contributed to the success of Doorson products in the past 30 years.


Thus, we are truly grateful to be able to contribute to the field of interior design today and to be the ones who are successfully merging innovation with style.


Winning both awards is a recognition that motivates us to move forward with even more passion and dedication.

Check the award-winning doors here:

Design: Rok Kuhar
Photography: Mirče Mladenov, Miha Janež