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Doorson impressed with the presentation of fire doors at a convention in Romania

From left to right: Aleksander Kokol (Doorson), Octavian Ghidici (Histria International), Claudia Surdu (European Institute of Thermal Sciences – EITS), Patrik Leich (Doorson)

Between November 13 and 17, 2022, a special fire convention was held in Bucharest, where innovations and novelties of products in the field of fire safety were presented.

At the invitation of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, our colleague Aleksander Kokol successfully shared his knowledge with an interesting presentation of the new family of fire escape sliding doors 500 product line among experts and fire inspectors throughout Romania.

Congratulations! We are incredibly proud to spread our story and knowledge internationally and conclude successful collaborations.

PROJECT: Marie Curie Children’s Hospital

Together with our partner Histria International, we started implementing a large project in the Marie Curie Children’s Hospital in Bucharest. The project includes the integration of 13 fire escape doors 500 EFS, of which 11 are one-leaf and 2 double-leaf variations.


It is promised that the finished facility will be handed over to the state free of charge, entirety for the benefit of the residents.