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CASE STUDY – Curved automatic sliding doors: Reveal a building’s character

Today’s architectural demands, dictated by the aim for transparency and spatial continuity between inside and outside, always push for better performances.

The curved automatic sliding door complements the exceptional architecture and design. It adds an individual and exclusive touch to any building and gives the entrance an inviting and transparent character.

Impressive and inviting entrance that matches any architectural style

The curved sliding dooris an excellent choice for different main entrances, such as hotels, office buildings, restaurants and other luxury buildings. It provides openness and space that matches the interior and makes a great connection between the lobby and entrance.

Use: exterior
Function: vestibule and airlock
Drive height: adaptable
Radius: max. r = adaptable
Custom designed solutions: from 120°, 180° to 360°
Power consumption: <0.5W in sleeping mode

Additional custom-made solutions


The round door shape emphasizes a three-dimensional effect and makes a great first impression. An elegant canopy creates the possibility of a personalized inscription to highlight the identity of the company and the building.

Branded canopy that catches the eye

The product further impresses with an integrated security sensor that is elegantly hidden in the ceiling and LED lights that complete the exceptional design and luxury.

Sophisticated design of integrated LED lights and safety sensor

Hands-Free for your safety


Safety is ensured with a built-in sensor or Smart Switch that enables controlled door opening, which adapts to the user’s needs and offers touchless and efficient access.

Smart Switch
Built-in sensor

Touchless access is one step toward reducing bacterial transmission and maintaining high security in any space. This way we protect what is most important and facilitate our daily passage.

Elegant transition between the inside and the outside


An automatic 360° curved sliding door also has the benefit of effectively preventing draughts and making an excellent vestibule. It is an architecturally more attractive and functional solution for the vestibule because:


  • of its round stylish shape,
  • canopy provides shelter from the rain or sun and gives emphasis to a building,
  • of integrated details, such as LED lights and a sensor on the outside,
  • with a smaller frame width, you get a larger clear opening width – up to 4000 mm.
360° curved automatic sliding door
300 automatic standard sliding door

Compared to 300 automatic standard sliding doors, a 360° curved door creates an architecturally more sophisticated and stylishly designed vestibule.

Unique and custom-made elegance

Smart choice for energy efficiency


Energy savings and indoor comfort are key considerations when the building’s location and orientation expose the entrance to strong winds or low temperatures. An integrated air curtain creates an invisible air barrier over the doorway to efficiently separate two different environments, without limiting the access of the people.


The door offers an additional“energy save” function that provides 70% lower energy consumption. In the case of selected operating mode, power consumption is less than 0,5W. This benefits both the user and the environment.

Safe evacuation for everybody


Ensuring a safe evacuation in emergency situations is extremely important, especially when it comes to public buildings. The automatic curved sliding door offers comfortable everyday use but is also available in the redundant version that ensures a safe and fast emergency exit.
300 C is tested and complies with EN 16005 and EN 16361.
Stylish enrichment for every façade