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Doorson’s Best projects in 2022

As 2023 begins, let’s take a moment to reflect on our favorite projects we realized in 2022.

1. Hilton Hotel Costabella *****

Iconic impressions on every step

The newly built Hilton Hotel Costabella in Rijeka, Croatia is a perfect combination of modern design and luxury. Different types of automatic sliding doors complete the exterior and interior for superior service and hospitality.


Arhitektura | Atelier EIS
Koncept za interier | Atellior
Fotografija | Žiga Lovšin
Vrata | 300 thales300 thales r300300 r

Double 360° entrance at Army Training Hospital

The main entrance to the hospital is typically intended to receive the most traffic flow. Two curved automatic sliding doors upgrade quick and efficient hands-free access and complement the people flow. They leave behind a strong and immediate visual impact.


Architecture | Private
Photography | Doorson
Door used | 300 C, 360° solution

3. Hotel & Bistro Čad

In the embrace of nature: A blend of elegance & functionality

In the pleasant shelter of the forest, just below the Rožnik hill in Ljubljana, a new Hotel Čad with a café and a winter-summer garden was built. The automatic sliding doors on the public ground floor of the hotel express an elegant architectural design and provide a comprehensive experience of hospitality and functionality.


Architecture | ARHITEKTURA2211 + Bine Tekavec
Photography | Žiga Lovšin
Door used | 300300 T500 F

Invisible door integration into modern architecture

The modern hotel on the Croatian island of Brač, with wonderful views of the sea horizon, was designed by architects DIA POZITIVA in collaboration with the authors of the interior, OCD architects. Doorson automatic sliding doors in various locations offer carefree entrances, provide a superior guest experience and complement the hotel’s appearance.


Architecture | Plevko & I. Uroda (DIA POZITIVA d.o.o.), H. Marinović & A. Tomšić (ATOM ARHITEKTURA d.o.o.), D. Vugrinović (PROJEKT 168, d.o.o.)
Interior | N. Arambašić (OCD architects)
Photography | Andrej Valentić
Door used | 300 r

5. Wine Vračko

Wine experience with a view

The architecture of the Vračko winery in its new location completely connects the exterior with the modern interior. Automatic sliding doors act as a visual and functional element in the space due to their high efficiency, flexibility and elegant integration.

Arhitektura | Arhisol
Fotografija | Žiga Lovšin
Vrata | 300

Modern architecture and functionality at the entrance

The urban architectural design of the area includes the multi-purpose Intergenerational Center Vezenine. Automatic sliding doors at both entrances with an emphasis on functionality and esthetic perfection offer free-flowing passage and energy efficiency.


Architecture | Gužič Trplan architects
Photography | Doorson
Door used | 300 r

Efficient service, excellent experience & human safety

The Ajda restaurant continues the story of local grain, which is also the red thread of the largest hotel of the same name in Terme 3000. It impresses with a fresh and modern interior, complemented by the functionality of automatic sliding doors at the entrance to the restaurant, kitchen and exit to the large terrace.


Project leaders | Peti vogal d.o.o.
Photography | Žiga Lovšin
Door used | 300300 r500 F