About us


Dear Sir or Madam,


Company Doorson is manufacturer of automatic sliding doors with leading market share in Slovenia.

20 years of work and experiences have driven to reliability with our own DEVELOPMENT, TECHNOLOGY and PRODUCTION.

We offer professional assistance, support, maintenance and service. We are available 24 hours a day on 080/13-88, that’s what we call a QUICK RESPONSE.

Our technology and development assure SAFETY and reliability of our products. Our automatic sliding fireproof doors offer safe evacuation and fire protection.

We produce ENERGY SAFE automatic sliding doors with <0,5W consumption of electrical energy and door construction with increased thermal insulation.

- Aesthetic and visual appearance is adjusted to customer needs, products are designed to supplement the interior.

Our product range is enriched with revolving doors and safety barriers of BOON EDAM company with 100 years old tradition. Exclusive partnership and long-term cooperation ensure reliable performance, service and maintenance.